Site Disposition, Assemblage, Site Evaluation, and Selection, Due Diligence Analysis, Market Assessment, Trade Area Delineation, Capital Formation, Lender Interface

Prime Corner in Cape Coral 1.3 AC

819 SE 26th St
[SOLD] The site is generally rectangular with frontage on three roads. 290+/- feet on Veterans Memorial Pkwy, 237+/- feet on Country Club Blvd and 250+/- feet on SE 26th Street. Water and sewer are available. The site has approved full turn median cut on Country Club Blvd through connection by SE 26th St. A multi-story building will have tremendous visual presence at a landmark location. As Veterans Pkwy evolves into a primary commercial corridor at its major intersections, the site is conveniently located between the 2 major hubs which exist at Veterans/Santa Barbara and Veterans/ Del Prado with a 2 minute drive from each of these intersections. Because of the extensive canal system in the city of Cape Coral, trade area delineations for commercial uses are difficult to establish.

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